With dozens of name ideas in his head for a new craft brewing company, while traveling down Highway 119 in Alabama, DB and his wife saw an old bronze plaque reading "engineers" and thus began the idea of 'beer engineers'. The concept quickly became a natural fit -- the idea of engineering and designing a better beer. "Beer Engineers: Better By Design" was born.

The idea of building a beer the way you might handcraft a watch - the idea of making something - building something - it is careful engineering. Brewing beer requires chemistry , physics and biology to come together as an art. We are Beer Engineers.

The beer is brewed in Gadsden and shipped to restaurants, pubs and retail outlets across Alabama. Ask you local retailer to serve or stock Beer Engineers Velocity IPA, our initial brew. Also, be on the lookout for our seasonal brews.

Beer Engineers is dedicated to making the South's finest high gravity beers. We are experimental. We are new. We are 'Better by Design'.